Most exotic and grand touring cars are pretty much a prize on nice sunny days but get left in the garage when the weather goes south. Some are just babied or others sit very low — and who wants to a run a car with low ground clearance in heavy rain?

When I had a chance to drive the new DB11, I called and asked if they wanted to reschedule since it was going to rain for days.

The folks from Aston Martin simply said, “Bring an umbrella, a little rain wouldn’t bother this car.”

You might have seen this new Aston Martin on TV if you watch Top Gear or The Grand Tour, or in magazine pictures that make it look pretty cool. But wow, those really don’t do the car justice.

In person, the new DB11 is stunning! The fresh, modern style really shows well for the first new Aston Martin in a few years. This sleek two-door stands out with that wide body and lower roof line. It looks like one of the concept cars from an auto show that happened to make it production.

The front grill is made out of aluminum and not plastic like most cars today. The fit and finish is impressive with neat features like the one piece aluminum hood that has a soft closing feature; simply lay the hood down and it will shut it the rest of the way. The body is distinctive with the sculpting and rear fender bulges and tasteful use of some vents on the hood and on the front fenders. The back of the car looks very modern with interesting lighting, and there is just a tiny little spoiler that pops out at certain speeds and stays hidden the rest of the time.

The inside of the Aston Martin DB11 impresses with that British style and flair. The leather is top-notch, and it looks like it took a professional a good deal of time to craft the seats or the trim pieces. This isn’t a cheap car, with prices starting around $215,000, but it shows that time and top-quality materials are used throughout.

This is a special car, and the inside reflects that as a comfortable place to spend hours at a time. If you are a current Mercedes driver, the infotainment system might look familiar, and it works well. I do wish the screen would retract out of the way. The modern gauges work well and look pretty cool and are easy to read with the needed information in front of you. The vision out of the car is good with just a bit of difficulty when backing into a space; the camera is a big help. There are back seats but my children would be about all that would fit, and only for a few short years.

Enough of this … it’s about the drive, and the DB11 is a willing partner.

With 600hp, it’s not lacking for power from the V-12 — it’s what you expect from an Aston Martin DB series. But for 2017, it’s a smaller V-12. However, with two turbos, it doesn’t seem to matter. It always seems to be in the power band, and the eight-speed automatic is a gem, though a manual would have been nice also.

I spent the entire time in the rain and usually with this much power, I worry, but the DB11 was planted and behaved. You really had to try to get it out of sorts. The ride is very nice, and you have control of how you want it to drive with different modes from comfort to sport plus.

The sport-plus mode turns this genteel touring machine into spots car with a louder exhaust, tight suspension and quick shifting transmission. It will move like a much smaller car when needed and the brakes are strong when called upon. I had wished it wasn’t raining as I would like to drive around and listen to the sweet V-12 with the windows down as it makes a nice tune.

The new DB11 is an impressive grand touring automobile that brings Aston Martin in to the 21st century with a new look and impressive performance and that hand crafted interior that Aston Martin seems to do right. Now if I could just test this for another couple of week with some sunshine.